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Went out into the gardens
Licked the flowers
Sucked the tips of the trees
Caressed the stones
Sneaked my hands through the roots
Buried my nose in the thicket
Rode the hedges
Penetrated the knots in the trunks
Thrust my finger into the earth
Ate the grass
Rubbed my nose against ferns
Chewed on stems
Touched the petals
Inserted my knee between heaps of dead leaves
Glued my belly against the bank of the brook
Hugged the shrubs
Lifted branches
Drank the dew
Dipped my finger into the sap
Parted the brambles
Pressed the moss
Grasped the fruit
Pinched the buds
Swallowed the essences
Embraced the bark
Squeezed the bulbs

Never been able to become one with Nature
Always wanted to have her

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