The Pain is Gone

I know it’s just tonight
I know it was much worse today
I know the pain will fight
And win the right to come and stay

Tonight’s not quite as bad
Tonight I feel alive again
Tonight is the best night I’ve had
Since I was last in pain

I know it was just hours ago
That I was counting every breath
I know my mind was lying low
And every bit of life was death

But now some languid part of me is peace
And I can see the horizon
The bleeding has the might to cease
The heart itself has found a reason

It’s only gone, pain isn’t dead
I was afraid and I remember
Open, ashamed, and full of dread
Conscience was weak, and thoughts were somber

I know the feeling when it’s fair
I can even embrace it as a burden
I come from hours of despair
I relish time as seconds widen

But I can never get a grip
Phases of calm slip through my fingers
The mud is still there when I trip
The pain is gone, but the thought lingers

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