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I want to delve into the details
Of the possibility that you might be beautiful
As far from the unexpected perfect flaws
As from the ordinary picture that is being painted of you

Ahead of the cycle is the preparation
For the moment when everything will go too far
To fetch the essence of the reasons for each
Effect of the body — and apply it both
To the whole being, to the whole set

At that time I will no longer have to train myself to resist
I will have access to the sides, to all the pores
I will only be held back
By those things one holds back in order to climax
The inescapable sparkle tied to the wrists, to the feet
To better show the blood of nakedness
Its function as engorger of the masks

It will no longer be about caresses, promises
The immediate discharge will be sacred
And drawn upon the wall it will be read together
By all the networks of witnesses, aware of the act

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