The Day Is On

The day is on
How can I be wrong when so many things are right?
So many things that I touch
So many things that touch me
Just falling into place
The day is on
The sun has risen in the east
In the west, seventeen horns are blowing
A few discordant waves won’t stop the tide
The genius of the light goes deeper
Than any form of darkness ever tried
The day is on
Higher than the fear that stops life in its tracks
Can hope to reach
Higher than the price that any messenger
Has ever had to pay
The marathon of days is on
The relentless thrust is forging ahead
The screams are in tune
You don’t need masses to be loud
You don’t need classes to be proud
Leave propaganda to those who need to be kept in check
Leave guns to the tired gladiators in the zoo
Get wild
With unadulterated energy
March on
With syncopated leaps of freedom
Bring on
The doubtless beauty of the day we met
How it will never die

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