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Don't worry about me
Do worry about what's wrong with the world
And what's wrong with the world inside me
But don't worry about me
Without the world inside me everything is alright

But without it you don't exist
So do worry about yourself
Because without the world inside you I don't exist
And in the world of worry in itself
You are not going anywhere

If you exist like I do
Then without the world inside you everything is alright
You are only worried when I come inside you
Or when I don't come
But without this world you don't exist

I worry but I can't remember about what
I can't remember about whom or why
This addiction is too simple
Especially since it knows all that we owe it

I worry that I can't remember about what

Don't let pain work its way
I don't want it to take me over
I want to be able to continue, to count until the end
I don't want anyone doing the counting for me

My agony is obscene
We chose each other when it was full
Now we are scared by those pieces

Let's worry about that
Let's share the agony
Let's go back to the unbreakable globe
Where the initial orgasm used to come from
Which still has a hold on us

But don't worry about this little piece of an attack
Stop existing when it confuses you
I will do like you do
I just have to hang in there

Until the returning reign of pure terror

(Just like when I used to ejaculate rivers)

(Just like when you used to scare all my dry dreams away)

(Just like when we used to bury stakes of joy
Into the clayey belly of tepid days)

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